Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How to Decorate a Christmas Candle

Hello, it' Beth Norman here with a fun Christmas project for you.  Decorating candles with Technique Junkie stamps and embellishments are a fun way to give out as gifts.  I used Ornament 1 and a variety of embellishments.  I hope my tutorial will inspire you to decorating a candle too.

Supplies:  variety of coloured ink pads, white tissue paper, wax paper, stamp(s), ribbon, flowers, heat gun, candle and embellishments
Measure your tissue paper by rolling tissue paper around candle and cut where the two ends meet.  Stamp your image(s) in your desired pattern.

Wrap your tissue paper around your candle.
Measure your wax paper in the same manner as you measured your tissue paper and tightly wrap the wax paper in place, holding the edges closed.
Using your heat gun, melt the wax paper in place.  Do not hold the gun in one place too long or the candle will melt.
Add ribbon on the top and bottom of the candle to hide the edges of the wax paper.  Continue to embellish your candle as desired.

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