Sunday, June 2, 2013

Faux Paint Swatch Card by Judy Jackson

 Have you ever had a week that whirled by so fast you couldn't get everything done that needed to be done?  That was this past week!  I think I have said before  our daughter was expecting a baby -- and that she and hubby are missionaries in Romania?  Well, May 28 Naomi Abigail made her appearance! 8 pounds and almost 22 inches long. And today is "D-Day" for us -- we have to get  all of our luggage (which is a lot as the airline we are traveling on allows to check 3 bags each because we are bringing humanitarian aid) to the airport and head on our way.  so -- that was a long story to say even though this card was ready to post in MAY I didn't get to write this post.

But there it is -- the Faux Paint Swatch technique.  I used a relatively new stamp set from Sweet and Sassy Stamps to create this card.  Have you tried this technique? It works terrifically with silhouette stamps.

Well,  we will be on our way by the time this post is read sometime today or tomorrow.

Happy stamping in June folks!

Judy Jackson


Stampin_melissa said...

Congrats! Enjoy your visit, and your DGD has a perfect day for her birthday, I'm willing to share it with her! ;)

Shelly Schmidt said...

Beautiful! Loving the technique and the image IS perfect for this technique and the layout! Best of luck with your travels- and CONGRATS on becoming G-parents!!!