Saturday, February 27, 2010

Way back When

As a team we have been showing you a lot of different techniques....some from the newer newsletters.  BUT these techniques are from two of the older newsletters.  Shape Spotlighting from the Dec 05 and Faux layers from the Dec 07 newsletters.  Both techniques are quite easy and require no special supplies other than stamps and ink (and maybe a punch or two!).  They are easy on the budget with great results.  Especially the faux layers technique since I used only one layer of paper for the everything but the sentiment.  This also shows you that even in the older newsletters there are some fabulous techniques.  If you don't have the CD's from the past years, make sure you get them on your 'must have' list.  They would be a great item to put on your wish list for your birthday!!  Enjoy!            

Ann Clack, Design Team Member