Saturday, July 14, 2012


Hey, Junkies!  Ann Clack here!  Today is the birthday party for my grandson who is turning 4.  His favorite TV program is Octonauts, a darling cartoon about 8 animal friends who live in the Octopod in the ocean.  They go on adventures and discover all kinds of different sea creatures.  They end up helping them along the way.  The only problem is that all Octonaut things are sold in the UK or Australia.  So......I found this darling image from a free coloring sheet from one of the UK sites.  Since they live in the ocean, I used a piece of Simple Sumi (a Technique Junkie technique) for the background since it looked like water.  It is hard to tell but I layered the head and shoes and double layered the hat, eyepatch and nose area.  I hope my grandson loves his Kwazii (the cat) card!  Kwazii's favorite saying is Yeow!