Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Gnomes in Action

 If you like action cards, you're in for a treat today. Because I have an adorable double z-fold wiper card featuring Gnomies Forever. Here is the card in it's closed position...

Cute, right? But check it out when it's opened...

Hey! Where'd that fourth guy come from? It's magic! Here it is in action...

While this card is a little more complicated than a regular fold card, it is attainable. I google double z-fold wiper cards and found a ton of great tutorials. I chose not to create my own tutorial since I didn't feel the need to reinvent the wheel. The trickiest part of this card is getting the wiper mechanism positioned and attached. The rest of the card is easy peasy.

I assembled the card using some fun papers. I stamped and fussy cut four of the cute lil gnomies and attached them to the card and wiper mechanism. I decided not to color them because they really stood out in just black and white. The birthday sentiment is Donuts Happy Birthday. The other sentiment is from the Gnomies set. I simply inked only half the sentiment "Gnomies Forever" and hand wrote "from Your" with a black marker.

I am just loving these characters! 

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Hope you enjoyed this action card today. 

Til next time,
Keepin' it inky!