Monday, October 24, 2016

Cats & Wine...

Greetings Inky Friends!

Another fun card using the

A card for all the Wine-lovers
on your Christmas card mailing list...

This background was created using alcohol based markers and hand sanitizer. I scribbled blocks of colored onto my craft sheet and then dropped hand sanitizer onto the blocks of color. I then dipped my GLOSSY card stock into the marker/sanitizer picking up color. The first grouping of colors weren't to my liking so I did the next in all shades of red and simply layered it onto the existing piece I didn't like!
This created a nice marbleized look!

This little fella just cracked me up!!
He's the Christmas Carol Kitty and I colored him
using Fun Stampers Journey

For the background, I used the
Christmas Ornaments Trio from Technique Junkies. 

This card is purr-fect for all the Cat Lover's
on your Christmas Card sending list!

I love that there's always something for everyone over at Technique Junkies! Be sure to check them out!

Until next time...
Happy Creating!
~Tonya~ oxoxo