Thursday, March 3, 2016

Shabby Chic Gift Bag-Stamping on Fabric

Hello Fellow Junkies,
Karen McAlpine here today!  I would like to share how I made this decorated gift bag.  I used one of the new Palettini Stamps from the March releases and stamped on fabric to create this shabby chic project.

Materials List:
Ink: Black from Memories
Kraft Gift Bag (I used a bag 8" x 10.5")
CS: dark brown
White Muslin (100% cotton)
Vintage Doily
Brown Lace
Burlap Trim
Leather shoe lace
Sheer Brown Ribbon
Paper Flowers
Fabri-Tac Glue

Make It:
Note: use Fabri-Tac glue through out to adhere all pieces

  • Tear or cut a piece of muslin fabric to desired size about 4.5" x 6"
  • Iron the fabric to remove all the wrinkles
  • Stamp the image on the fabric with the Memories ink---Note: this ink is good for fabric even though it is a dye ink.  
  • Protect ironing board with a press cloth, lay stamped fabric down and cover with a press cloth and iron (no steam) 
  • Pressing with the iron will heat set the ink.  I will not be washing this project obviously, but now the ink will not smear.
  • Glue the fabric piece to dark brown CS--set aside
  • Cut the corner off  a vintage doily.  Note:To keep the edges together, before cutting lay down a strip of tape in area where you want to cut; cut through the tape.  Now, each edge of the doily will not unravel.
  • Glue doily to bag   
  • Now add the stamped fabric piece
  • Glue all the laces and trims to the bag
  • Add the flowers and ribbon
  • Tie lengths of brown sheer ribbon to the handle
Oh, just a fun way to add a little fabric to your projects.  Hope you enjoyed!! See you next time.
Karen McAlpine
Dreaming and Creating