Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Review of Chameleon Color Tones Pencils

Hello folks.  Beth Norman here.  Recently I purchased Chameleon Color Tone pencils, not knowing what to expect.  I'm a die-hard colourer with Prismacolor pencil crayons and odorless mineral spirits.  I've spent upwards of 4+ hours colouring one detailed stamped image.  I was amazed at how well these pencils blend and cut down the time of blending with odorless mineral spirits.
I love these pencil crayons and here's why:

  • They are compact.  50 colours in one box (the pencil crayon has a light and a dark tone on one pencil)
  • The ease of blending is awesome.  What used to take me 30 minutes can be achieved in half that time. Here is an example of what I blended in 15 minutes

  •  I love the way the pencil crayons are displayed as I used them seen below
  • Carrying around a case without the paraphernalia of blending solutions, stumps, and a large leather case that holds 150 pencil crayons can be cumbersome.  Grabbing the thin packaging of these pencils is an awesome feeling.  I don't need an extra bag to carry with me.
  •  Leads come pre-sharpened and are hard
  • Blending solution is not required to blend two, or more, colours together
Here are a few samples of what I did with my Chameleon Color Tones:
This wonderful stamp is called Whimsical World.

I coloured on Kraft paper too.  Colour was directly applied.  I did not colour white over my image before colouring.  The stamps I used are called Flourished Floral and the sentiment is Life is Beautiful.
For 10% off your order, at Technique Junkies, feel free to use my 10% discount code.  Have fun playing!  Scroll down to the bottom for links to videos on the Chameleon Color Tones pencils.

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