Saturday, April 13, 2019

Wildly Colorful and Capable

Happy Saturday morning Technique Junkies! This is Janelle here today with a colorful, creative card for spring using a variation of a favorite crafting technique.

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If you've done a pouring technique, you'll realize this is definitely using less paint medium and the addition of water to create something similar to an original pour look. Take a look at the supplies and instructions then give it a try!


  • Wildly Capable Stamp
  • Poppies, Large Stamp
  • Craft Acrylic Paint (3 colors or more)
  • Water Spray Bottle
  • White and Blue Cardstock
  • Waterproof Ink Pad
  • Spoon or Palette Knife
  • Palette or small bowls
  • Painter's Tape
  1. Mix craft paint colors (about a pinto bean size amount) with a teensy bit of water to the consistency of thick syrup. 
  2. On white cardstock that has been taped down onto a flat surface, drip three round puddles of one color then dripped right on top the next color, then the third color. 
  3. With leftover paint, drip randomly around the main paint puddles. 
  4. While still wet spray over the whole thing with water. 
  5. Let it dry or speed it up with a heat tool very carefully.
  6. Trim to card size and stamp Poppies with black ink, make sure that it's dry before gluing to card base.
  7. Paint white cardstock with one of the paint colors, dry and then layer behind sentiment stamped on white cardstock with black ink.

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Have a great weekend!