Monday, June 27, 2011

Pastel Pencil Blending by Judy Jackson

Hello Junkies! This is Judy Jackson sharing with you today. Today's card uses an artistic medium I have used many times in stamping -- and yet not in this form! I have used pastels in stamping many, many times. there are lots of techniques to use those. Usually, when stampers talk about using pastels they are talking about the small squares or circles of pastel chalks. When I first heard about using pastels in stamping little squares of pastel chalks were definitely not what I thought they were.
Just hearing the word pastels makes me think of pastel sticks of pastel chalks that I applied in art class in junior high and high school. At one time I had a large set that I carefully colored in pictures I had drawn, smudged and blending with my fingers, sprayed with a fixative, added more colors, blended some more -- until my picture was finished. I loved doing that!
So this technique brings back a flood of memories for me. I have absolutely no idea where that set of pastel chalks are today. I may have some of the pictures i drew and colored in but I am not even sure about that. After so many moves across the country, and so many children, and downsizing to move to our current location. I am no longer sure what I saved and what I didn't keep. I hope I kept some of those drawings.
So with a 50% coupon at one of the craft stores I looked for and found a small set of pastel chalk pencils -- purchased them and brought them home to play with. These were just almost as much fun to color with as the original set of pastel chalks I had back many, many years ago.
This beautiful young lady is a stamp from Victoria Case. I confess my small set of pastel pencils did not contain skin tones so I used my Copics for for her skin but everything else was colored with the pastel pencils I purchased.
I used the antique glimmers techniques on the background paper with the roses. I added some ribbon and some bling and there you are - my card is finished.
What technique will you use today?
Judy Jackson