Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This is a sympathy card I recently made.  It uses the Dotted Edges technique from the June-July newsletter.  I colored the focal  images with Copic markers. The Dotted Edge technique is a wonderful and easy technique to use and add interest to your card.  Have you tried it yet?

This year I had a goal -- a sad goal it seems. My goal was to make 15 sympathy cards and hope that number would last through the year.  I figured I wouldn't get them made all at once.  My hubby and I have sent out about 10-12 sympathy cards this year, yes in 2012.  Right now we are on vacation.  I brought one card with us, just in case we might need it.  Well, it wasn't enough.  We need two cards.  My husband's aunt died -- in her 90's!  And our daughter's best friend's father died.  I will need to buy some for sure!

Have a wonderful week!

Judy Jackson

Technique Strips

Have you tried this technique yet? It is so much fun and fast! I know you all have saved your scrap pieces of techniques that you have done in the past. Let's face it...we all save our scraps. I save my technique background scraps in a place all their own. I keep them in a nice photo box that has a label on it. The label simply says "Backgrounds" I was so glad that I saved them this way when I wanted to try this technique. They were right at my fingertips. I'm sure many of you do this too.

This technique is from the June/July issue. Look it up and give it a try. It is a very effective technique, and I would love to see what you come up with.

Thanks for looking!
Jackie K