Friday, May 26, 2017

TJ Inkspirations: Watered Nuvo Mousse

Hi Friends!
I have had so much fun at trade shows this year introducing Nuvo Mousse Embellishments to so many people. If we have played together this year, you know that we have been putting the Mousse through stencils for a pretty textural,metallic effect, like this:

Concentric Circles with Nuvo Mousse
There are so many more things you can do with the Mousse, though! In the video in this email, I show you a couple of ways to use the Mousse with water - just a few more ways to play with this beautiful metallic product.

Nuvo Embellishment Mousse with Water

The video below shows how to use Mousse wit water for fun effects: as a watercolor, direct to stamp, and used with an acrylic block on paper. Scroll down past the video for the finished projects.

Mousse with water
Mousse with water

Finished Artwork (from the video)

Watercolored Nuvo Mousse_ Direct to Stamp
Stamps: Watercolor Flowers; Life Full of Love

Stamps: Spring Daisies
Stamp: Butterfly Dreams
Stencil: A Colorful Life

I hope you are a little inkspired by today's issue. See you next week!

Pat Huntoon
Technique Junkies LLC