Monday, March 12, 2012

Distress Photo Tinting by Judy Jackson

Good day -- I hope your day is as happy as this little girl seems to be!

This is one of my favorite stamps from Paper Bag Studios. She was fun to color with this technique from the February/ March issue of the Technique Junkie newsletter. Are you a subscriber? If not I would certainly encourage to become one! This newsletter helped me a lot to take my stamping to go from OK to much better!

I really like photo stamps and the best photo stamps are made by Stamp Smith (a TJ advertiser) and Paper Bag Studios. Of course, that is my own opinion and you may have a different opinion. This technique seems to just made for adding coloring to photo stamps and making the image just pop!

I chose background paper and card stock that was subtle and would not "fight" with the focal image. I wanted the background to enhance the focal image and draw attention to the image.

Have you used background to enhance your focal image in stead of "fight" with the image for attention? It does happen I assure you.

Have a great creative day!

Judy Jackson