Friday, October 13, 2017

TJ Inkspirations: Studio 71 vs Copic Markers

A few weeks ago my friend Marie emailed me to tell me about the new Studio 71 Alcohol markers.  After looking into them, I realized that they are quite a bit cheaper than other alcohol markers on the market and I was curious if they were comparable to the Copic Markers I already own.

So I bought them. Funny, the buying/acquiring part of this job comes pretty easy to me...

But most importantly, I compared them.  Today I have a video for you that compares the markers, head-to-head. The video is STRICTLY my opinion. I really don't have a horse in the race!

BUT -- I am pretty impressed with the markers, and I have decided to offer the 24-pack of Studio 71 alcohol markers on a PRE-ORDER basis for 20% off list price. The 24-pack of markers usually retails at $48.00, so from now until October 30, I am taking pre-orders for the 24 pack for only $38.40. (yup, that's just $1.60 per marker). Just put them in your shopping cart, and the discounted rate will be applied automatically (until October 30th).  The orders will all mil the first week of November.

That being said:
You do not need these markers IF you have a decent supply of Copic markers.  Really, you don't. 

These are terrific for people who have very few markers, or who are just starting a collection
.  This will save people OODLES of moola. If you already have Copics - restrain from buying them and spend your money on stamps to color, instead!

Studio 71 vs Copics
This is the result of the comparison - do you know which is which?

Let it Snow

And here is the video tutorial:

Studio 71 vs Copic Markers Head-to-Head Comparison
Studio 71 vs Copic Markers Head-to-Head Comparison

Sunday starts the 30 days of Christmas!

Starting October 15 (Sunday), we start the  30 days of Christmas. Every day from October 15 through November 13 the Technique Junkies Design Team and I will be posting Christmas cards every day during that time.

Stay tuned - I will be announcing a GREAT discount for them on Sunday also!
I hope you are a little inkspired by today's issue. See you next week!

Pat Huntoon
Technique Junkies LLC