Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How to do the Bokeh Technique

Hello fellow stampers, it's Beth Norman here with the Bokeh technique.  It received a lot of attention, and questions, when I posted this card to my blog and TJ Yahoo group that I thought I'd share this technique with you today.

The stamp that I used is called Vintage Floral Collage.  Isn't it a pretty stamp?

This technique requires drying times.  Personally, I let mine air dry but you can use a heat gun to dry your layers.  Drying is important to prevent a big mess in your Craft White ink, and allows for a crisp black stamped image.  On that note, let's start, shall we...

Supplies:  Sticky notes, hole punches, White Craft ink pad, Distress inks (or any ink pads), black ink, sponges, (optional -- heat gun), white card stock plus a scrap piece of white card stock to use to punch your holes.
This is an optional step.  When I do the Bokeh technique, I like to have crisp white edges on my card.  To do this, place sticky notes around the edges of your cardstock, as seen in the photo.
Sponge ink onto your card stock.
Continue to sponge colour onto your card stock until it is completely covered.  Let dry naturally, or use a heat gun, to prevent your white Craft pad from becoming muddled with ink.

Punch two to three circles on your scrap card stock.
Lay your hole over your inked card stock and with a sponge, rub white Craft ink onto your card stock.
Continue adding white circles until you are satisfied.  Be sure to overhang some of your circles so that you are sponging on the sticky note, so they show a partial image once you take your sticky notes off.  You can see examples of this in the upper left corner, and if you look closely, you will see more of this done on my card stock.
Air dry or use a heat gun to set your Craft ink.
Once your background is dry, stamp out your image.
Take off the sticky notes to reveal nice white edging.  Now you can complete your card as desired, or just leave it as is.

I hope you will try this technique.  I'll be watching for it on our Yahoo group.