Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Glitter Tape Fun

I won't lie ... I'm a bit of a glitter-phobe (okay more than *a bit*).  I can't stand finding little bits of sparkle all over my clothes & my home ... which is why I'm a fan of the new Glitter Tape at Technique Junkies.

No stray glitter ... just a stripe of super-glittery goodness that all stays on your card (where it belongs).

Remember, you can use my code TJ10Stephanie for 10% off the entire store (including this fun Glitter Tape).

I like using my MISTI to apply glitter tape.  It's easy to remove the overlap from the mouse pad or the glass surface ... and the grid lines help me line things up.  The Glitter Tape is forgiving like washi tape ... so if you need to re-position, it's super-easy.

This is the beautiful Olive Green.  I attached four equally-spaced horizontal strips to frame my image Faith Family Farming image ... the perfect touch of sparkle that even works for a masculine design.

I also like attaching the Glitter Tape diagonally ... this is the gorgeous Copper Tape.

I trimmed down my panel to frame some fun Why Fit In Giraffes (the 2nd guy is photo-bombing).

I couldn't resist adding some googly eyes to the Why Fit In Giraffes.

Love those fun little guys. 

If you're a glitter-phobe like me (or even if you're not) can't wait to see what you create with the fun selection of Glitter Tape in the store.