Sunday, February 3, 2019

Layering with Stencils

Good Morning!!!!

Hope all of you experiencing this horrible blast of winter are enjoying a little reprieve from the cold. Sounds like some of your temperatures south of the border were a lot cooler than even up here in Chilly Canada!!! It's warming up here a touch, so I'm hopeful I can get back to enjoying longer walks.

I'm having all sorts of trouble with my Mac. I think it's on a slow burn, so I apologize for the quality of the photo this morning. I'll get the post up and then try to upload the better photograph I took, that doesn't seem to want to save to drop box.....ugh

Today I created this Sympathy card for my Aunt using the Vintage Botanical Japanese Stamp
I also used one of the beautiful sentiments from the with Sympathy set.

I masked off a circle and created a background with baby blue ink

Then I stamped the Maple leaves.
I added some colours to the centre with red and orange ink and did an overall watercolour wash with Vintage photo. Next, I layered the Messy Diamond Grid Stencil and  more baby blue ink
I then layered a grunge dot stencil over top of that and sprayed some Harvest Sunset Shimmering Bliss. I've got a video of the process, but of course with doing my first video, I didn't figure out the editing until this morning. It should be up on my blog later today!!!!

Lastly, I added the sentiment and then a little more stencilling along the side with the simple mosaic stencil!!!!

Hope you have an amazing day!!!