Saturday, July 18, 2020

Christmas, Exhaustion and Why You Should NOT Talk to Your Offspring...EVER

Alcohol ink over Dandelions in the Wind stamped in VersaMark and white embossed. AI blending solution dabbed over stamped image

Hello again, my peeps! 

Once again, I've been entrusted to publish something on my beloved Technique Junkies blog page. And, once again, that's something I'll never really understand. 

My own mother won't allow me to touch anything breakable in her house. Come to think of it, I've not actually been invited to stay at her house for any length of time in the last...oh...decade or two.

But I've been given free rein here.

I don't know whether I'm tempted to exhibit behavior beyond reproach or simply run amok.

Being that I'm too exhausted to properly run amok and too disgruntled to truly behave, I'll attempt to land somewhere between the two.

Speaking of exhaustion, I come by mine fair and square.

The three y-chromosomes I birthed have been challenging since the day they emerged, destroying any hope of having a waistline or unmarked skin forevermore.

The worst was when they began to talk. They constantly outsmarted me. I couldn't say anything
without instantly being in over my head. 

Tonight was a prime example. I was working on a project that was taking way too much time. Mostly because I kept changing my mind about insignificant details.

But hey...what's the good of having OCD if you don't use it, right?

The 16-year-old walks in for the umpteenth time to ask when he'll be fed. When he sees I'm working on the same project, he says "I can't believe you're still working on that little bit after all this time. Why don't you just stop and put something else there?"

I didn't answer him. But later, when I'd finished, I showed him the completed project. 

"See? I said."I know you thought it was a dumb idea but I did it anyway. I persevered. And in the end it was the right thing to do! There's a lesson to be learned from that."

He stood there for a moment then said, "So, if you tell me to clean my room and I think it's a dumb idea, then I should persevere in not cleaning it because I think it's the right thing to do?"

"Of course not," I snapped. "You know what..."

"Or like when you say I should work more hours and I think it dumb because I'm a teenager and should be hanging out with my friends then I should persevere because that's definitely the right thing to do?" he said, excitedly, as he ran from the room. "Hey, Dad! Guess what Mom said?"

See what I mean? I get it honestly.

As I head for a quick nap, YOU can head on over to Technique Junkies and enjoy the July New Releases AND a special Christmas in July Sale! 

Have fun! And is much better the LESS time you spend talking to your offspring!

Take it from me.