Tuesday, February 9, 2021

A little more you

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For step-by-step directions for making this card, please see below.

A little more you.  Does this stamp resonate with you like it does me?  I am a little eccentric, wearing funky glasses, big rings, and hair cuts.  That's all I could think about when I saw A Little More You.  

Image 1

Directions for Making my Card

1.  Stamp out the image on the bottom left of the card.

2.  Create a mask by using a sticky note.  That means stamping out the image along the top of a sticky part of the note so when you cut out the lady's body, there will be enough to hold the sticky note in place. Cut out just the lady.

3.  With your stamped image on white, carefully cut the words off.  Cut the words into pieces like above and set aside.

4.   Stamp out flowers from You are the World.  Create masks three times, one for each flower.

5.  With masks in place, blend colour, completely covering the background.  

5.  With a stencil, or stencil-like product, sponge to create a decorative background.  HERE IS WHAT I USED--a bag that held three pieces of garlic.  The garlic bag is loose and works beautifully in amongst tighter spaces.

6.  Colour images.

7.  Glue sentiment in a vertical position.

I would love to see your interpretation of this stamp.  Please post it to the Technique Junkies Facebook page so I can see your work.