Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How to Create Polished Stone Embossing

Hello folks.  Beth Norman here with a Polished Stone Embossing Technique.  I haven't seen it done before, but that's not saying it hasn't been done.  When I got my hands on Heart to Heart, and Like Stars, I knew I wanted to do something that gives a nice impact that says, "wow."  Why don't I used blending solution you may ask.  Simply put, I can't find it in my stamp studio.  You know how that goes--LOL.

When I tackled this technique I asked myself two questions:  1) Can Polished Stone be done without blenduing solution, 2) Will embossing powder stick to glossy cardstock.  In both instances the answer was clearly a "yes."
Supplies:  Alcohol Ink, felt and blending handle, glossy cardstock
Drip alcohol ink in a random pattern on your felt
Pounce color onto glossy cardstock, covering the entire surface
When you run out of ink, reapply
Two examples of Polished Stone
Supplies for embossing:  stamp, Polished Stone background, VersaMark, embossing powder, heat gun, embossing buddy

Stamp out VersaMark over your stamp and stamp onto your image.

Tip:  when using a large background stamp place your paper on top of your stamp as shown here.
Cover your image with embossing powder and shake off
Heat emboss embossing powder.  She the bits of purple coming through the open spaces?

Your piece is now ready to embellish as desired.  In real life the purple really shines through.