Monday, April 27, 2020

WWDB Challenge Card 4 - Thoughts of You

Have you seen anything about using foils with your Big Shot or similar machine?  That is how I added foil to this background with a stencil.  Isn't it gorgeous?  

The stencil I used for my card is called Flowing Drops.   It is A Colorful Life Designs stencil.  The stamp is Milk Bottle Bouquet.   I colored it with  Copic Markers. I used an oval die and very carefully cut it so that the bouquet was not cut.  Later I cut around it.  I die cut an oval frame that looked like lace on the edge.  I cut it out of Vellum because I wanted to have a lacy look.  I layered them all on the stenciled foil background.  I was so happy with the final look! The verse at the bottom of the vase is from Sentimental Sayings

The greeting on the inside was too long when left in a strip with this orientation.  So I cut off the "Get" from the stamp and used my MISTI to be sure the two stamp sections were straight.  

For the envelope, I used Raining Confetti stamped in a light blue for the background and on the envelope flap. U stamped Milk Bottle Bouquet on the left front corner.  I slipped a scrap piece of paper inside the envelope so when I colored the bouquet with my Copic markers, the ink wouldn't bleed through to the back of the envelope.

I do not have a laminator machine for using the beautiful foils out there.  I cannot do a video but I will show you step by step as much as possible.

1. You will need a stencil, a palette knife, a piece of card stock, Pixie sprayfoil,  and Decofoil Transfer Gel/DUO.   Spray the back of the stencil with Pixie spray so that you have no leakage under the stencil. Wait a few seconds and then place the stencil sticky side down on the card stock. Scoop up some of the Duo Gel and spread it across the stencil covered card stock. You do not want it to be thick but full coverage. If it is too thick, it will take a long time to dry.  If it is too thin, you won't get good coverage. Then carefully lift the stencil off of the card stock.  Immediately wash the stencil and the palette knife.

2. Now the Transfer Gel/Duo must dry before you can apply the foil.  If you are in a hurry, use your heat gun to dry it.  This may cause it to bubble a bit and it will slightly change the texture when you apply the foil.  Otherwise, let it dry naturally.  It will take 20 to 30 minutes to air dry, perhaps longer in thicker spots.  The Transfer Gel/Duo will be translucent when dry. 

3.  Then place the foil cut to size on top of the Transfer Gel/Duo.  The colored side needs to be UP. Then sandwich it in between 2 plates for your Big Shot machine (or similar). You may need to add a shim - I did because it didn't have quite enough pressure.  

4. Wind it through back and forth and then remove  the plate and the foil. Tada! Beautiful!

5. If you do not use Pixie spray, and if you spread too much gel, and it leaks it could end up with card stock looking like this.  I think you need to be careful and choose one where the openings are not as close together as this one.   But that  is my experience.  I may have also used too much of the Transfer Gel. I have not done very many of these and I am sure I need more practice.  Even my stars have some boo boos on them.  

So now save some moolah on this technique and use TJ10Judy when you check out.  

Hope your day is splendid, and you have a chance to get inky.