Friday, January 20, 2017

Love Knots with Shadows

Today's tutorial shows you how to create a shadow effect using a stamp positioner. I used my MISTI, but any stamp positioner will do! I've included some coloring tips, too, to help you heighten the shadow effect.
I was inspired to create this by the most fabulous shadowing post I have ever seen - from TJ Designer Cheri Weston.  Cheri shows how to create a triple shadow HERE - you would swear the golden image was raised if you didn't know her tricks! Her actual artwork is below (the gold and pink Love Overlay sample).

To start, stamp the Love Knots image on white (or neutral) card stock. I placed the paper squarely in the corner so that I could gauge where to move the paper for the shadow. I used blue VersaFine Ink. Note that I ended up stamping a few pieces of paper before I was satisfied with my shadow - I would suggest stamping a couple of pieces for practice.

Move the paper 1/16" to 1/8" up and to the left. Hold the paper down firmly with the magnets. 

Clean the blue off the stamp, and reink with grey (I used Memento Grey Flannel Ink). Stamp onto card stock.

 o highlight the knots and the shadows, I used Copic Markers to color the images. First I used a  medium blue to color the blue knots.

 I traced over the bottom of each blue rope with a darker blue ink, then used the original markers to blend. Note that I only traced the areas along the areas where the shadow appeared beneath it. Use the shadow as a guide for tracing.
 In case you missed it, this is the piece from Cheri. Isn't this an amazing piece of artwork? You can read about how Cheri did it HERE.

This week starts a month of intense travel. I am blessed to be able to go to CHA (now renamed "Creativation") this week. I come home for a day, then drive my booth from CT to TX for the Plano show (26 hours in the truck by myself - bring on those books on tape!).

I have some exciting new products coming to the store in the next few weeks - watch for them here.  And then, I hope to bring you some things back from Creativation, too.  2017 is going to be a great year!

Bear with us!

The store is most definitely open while I am away. Nancy, Andre and I have been working on keeping a healthy stamp inventory - but there may be some instances where we run out of stock on a thing or two. We will mail as much of your order as possible immediately, but there may be a day or two (or three) of delay if we are out of stock on an item. It may not happen, but if it does, we beg your patience!
I hope we inspired you today!
Pat Huntoon