Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How to Color on Kraft Paper

 Hello, Beth Norman here today with a long tutorial on how to color a flower onto Kraft paper.  I used one of my favourite stamps, Flourished Floral.  In this tutorial you will see that I use Prismacolor pencil crayons and odorless mineral spirits (OMS).  If you don't have Prismacolor pencil crayons OMS will not work, but don't worry, just color away.

Supplies:  Prismacolor pencil crayons, white Prismacolor pencil crayon, odorless mineral spirits, paper stumps, Kraft paper, stamp, black ink (not in photo)

Stamp out your image onto Kraft card stock and let dry for about 15 minutes

Color your entire image with white pencil crayon

Color your flower with your first color
Using your blending stump with OMS (dip your paper stump into the OMS) spread around your color until a smooth finish is achieved.
Take your darkest, of three colors and add color on the top edge of every petal

As previously done, take your paper stump and OMS and blend out the darkest color, drawing it downwards towards the tip of your petal

With your third color (I chose a bright pink) do the same as in previous steps but this time color close to the petals so you have just a fine line when you pull out your color.  Next, color the rest of your stamped image

Take a darker green to color along the flower petals and using your blending stump and OMS, pull out your color

I like to leave white space in all of my colored work because it adds a feel of dimension.  On Flourished Floral, I chose to do this on the smallest pieces of flower.  When an area is as tiny as this simply draw a line along the bottom of the area you are coloring, or else you will not have any white space

Take your blending stump dipped in OMS and simply draw along the colored pencil line without drawing it upwards

Finish your card as desired