Friday, December 18, 2020

TJ Inkspirations: Masking and Omitting Small Images

I have always loved the Don't Lose Faith stamp from Technique Junkies. It has a wonderful sentiment and is a beautiful illustration:

SD704 Don't Lose Faith

But when I came out with the SS131 Acceptance, Respect, Peace Set, I couldn't help but think that these things were a match that couldn't be passed up. The only problem was that I wanted to use the sentiments without the embedded "You must not lose faith in humanity..." sentiment.

SS131 Acceptance Respect Peace Set of 5

Today's video shows you how to mask and omit those small words from the stamp perfectly. This is the result of the masking:

and a peek at the inside of the card:

You may also notice the blue map in the background. That is a stamp called S131 Dutch Colonial Map. That stamp has never been released by Technique Junkies, even though it has been in my line. I think it is amazing on this card, so now I am releasing it for you! What I like about this is how it is detailed enough to add great interest to a piece, but non-specific enough to not have to be from anywhere specific. At least, that is how I see it!

S131 Dutch Colonial Map

You know I am here to help you save money (after I enable you!). You can get all 3 of the stamps in this kit - saving yourself $5.86 in the process!

Masked Images Kit

Ready for the video?

Masking Small Images
Masking and Omitting Small Images

...and just one more piece of art!


Pat Huntoon