Saturday, February 29, 2020

February New Release "A Sister Gets It"

Hi everyone...Carmen here for Technique Junkies. And I have just ONE, small question for all of you:


I'm good now. It's just that it seems like yesterday it was the first and I was five pounds lighter. This month gets me every time.

The one great thing that happened this month was that it SNOWED here in North Carolina. I have to tell you, God was cutting it close. My 13-year-old HFA (high-functioning autistic) kid had made it pretty clear to Him that if snow continued to elude us that there may be a small wrinkle in that relationship. 

As for me, I just did what I always do and made sure I wasn't in range of any lightning that may be in the vicinity. 

At any rate, it snowed and life continues racing along.

This is the last February release promo....March New Releases hit tomorrow! Until then, I'm going to slam the door shut with a fun piece using A Sister Just Gets It 

This is one of those stamps you can use for ANYONE. It stays on my desk because even if I completely forget who I'm sending the card to, and for what reason, it doesn't matter. This sentiment takes care of every situation and every person. 

As long as they're alive.

I have no idea why I'm compelled to qualify every statement I make. I think it's OCD and the pervasive fear of lightning.

So, as I head out to bunk down in the downstairs bathroom that's sans window, I'll leave you with 10% off this little gem! Just type in TJCarmen10 and you'll get 10% off everything in your cart!

See you tomorrow for the blog hop!