Tuesday, August 28, 2018

How to Create Shimmering Bliss Smoosh

Hi folks, it's Beth Norman here with a quick tutorial called Shimmering Bliss Smoosh.  You can purchase these mica based Shimmering Bliss colours, and stamps, at 10% off simply by using TJ10Beth.  

My card uses Whimsical Garden and Always Hope.  These too can be purchased at a 10% discount by using the code above.

Spray one colour of Shimmering Bliss over top watercolour paper or 110 lb white cardstock.  Let sit 15 minutes.

Using a darker colour of Shimmering Bliss, spray over top of your first colour.
Quickly spray and smoosh your Shimmering Bliss with scrunched up cellophane such as Saran Wrap.  Keep spraying and blot as Shimmering Bliss dries fairly quickly.
Here you can see the two tone colour from blotting the second colour.

Your card is ready to finish as desired.