Friday, April 10, 2020

TJ Inkspirations: Foiled Ink Resist

Several weeks ago I introduced you to the Heidi Swapp Toner Ink Kit, where I unboxed and demonstrated how to use the kit. In that process I made a giant stack of foiled pieces. I recently unburied them from my hoarder-ish stamp desk and started playing with them. I am so happy to share the results of how foiled pieces resist ink!

I created a short video on the process, but here is the actual artwork from the video:
Foiled and Inked Peacock Feathers
I also added more foil to our store, bringing the total to a whopping 21 different colors and styles. We have so many pretty Hologram-style foils, more colors, and more fun! You can find them all in the Foil category, HERE. And to top it off, you can take 20% off all in-stock foil with the coupon code: Foil20 .That coupon will work through April 30th.

I am bummed out that the Heidi Swapp Toner Ink Kit will not be back in stock from my supplier until JUNE.  I have a boatload on order, though, and will take pre-orders until they come in. You can use the sale Foil20 coupon code to take 20% off your pre-ordered kit, too!  If you order the kit plus any other in-stock item in the store, your order will not be held up - the items will ship separately

Toner Ink Stamping Kit
Okay, now for the fun part! Watch as I use ink with a foiled resist. Here is  the video:
Foiled Ink Resist Technique Junkies
Foiled Ink Resist Technique Junkies

I hope you are a little inkspired by today's issue. See you next week!

Pat Huntoon
Technique Junkies LLC 

Lotus Corner Frame and Watercolor on Canvas with Poppies and Roses on Canvas

All my life I've been told that "Simple can be the best and have the most impact!"

Wait...were they talking to ME? HAH!

But okay, okay..."they" were right. 

Once a millennia or so.

This millennia, it was the absolutely gorgeous Lotus Corner on a cheapie 8 x 10 frame from Hobby Lobby. 

I stamped it in white Hero Hues Unicorn Pigment Ink and then embossed with clear powder. I intended to paint it with acrylics, but then realized how pretty it looked-and how it would take away from my March New Release Card Bandanna Background, so I left it as it was. "They" would be proud, don't you think?

For ONCE, I ran up against a card that my iPhone couldn't pick up the actual beauty of. I stamped the Poppies and Roses stamp over and over with black Memento Luxe Tuxedo Black Ink. This is a thick, mixed media ink that needs extra time to dry. I used it because I wanted to make sure the lines showed after I laid down the heavy ink and water I planned on using. Plus, I was stamping on stick back canvas so one impression wasn't going to do it. Using my Stamparatus, I stamped and reinked probably 4 or 5 times. I dried it very well with my heat gun, pressing my finger down at intervals to see if any ink lifted away. 

Then I began laying down heavy layers of Distress ink with an aqua pen, using very little water. I added highlights. But I coated the heck out of each flower with as much ink as I could. When I was done, I misted the canvas and let the ink start to run. You have to be careful here. Too much and it looks muddy. Too little and you have to mist again and it could look terrible. I could've let it run a little more, but I like the way it turned out.

When you see the colors start to run, hit it with the heat gun and don't stop until it's dry. You can force the color to run more if you like or keep them in their space. It's up to you.

If you like these stamps, or the Bandanna Background or ANYTHING on the Technique Junkies ENTIRE SITE and when I say anything, I mean ANYTHING...and yes...I have that power!!!! Just use my almighty powerful code TJ10CARMEN and you will find that I speak the truth. Ahhhh. How I LOVE that power!!! 

Oh...sorry. Just reveling for a moment.

Anyway. Use my code and get your heinies over to Technique Junkies and buy stuff! I keep saying that we, as crafters and artists, should be working our butts off at this time to spread happiness and lift the spirits of those around us. So make the cards, support small business' like Technique Junkies and let's do what we do best!

Be safe and be happy!