Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Butter my Butt

When I first saw the Butter my Butt Set of 8 Stamps, I could almost hear each one being said out-loud by one of my relatives (usually with a southern accent ... at least as from as far south as southern Missouri where I grew-up).

Remember, if you go shopping, all of these new stamps are 15% off until January 8th (and you can use my discount code TJ10Stephanie for 10% off you regularly priced items).

The first sentiment is something my step-mom said to us at least once a week (what can I say, there were four of us kids, and we were a handful) ... I'm pretty sure each time she said it, it was likely well deserved.

I thought the sentiments from this set paired perfectly with vintage images.  My background is some Gel Press deli paper.

This one features another Gel Press print with a picture of some cute kittens having breakfast ... you know there is some gossiping going on with those eggs ... Just Sayin'.

This vintage picture is of two women buying some "Canned Joy" at the grocery store ... if only it were that easy ... because we all know this sentiment is true.

Have fun shopping all of the fun new release stamps.

Stephanie from