Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sanded C'Ordinations

Hi Friends! Kathie McGuire here on the first stamping Saturday of the month!!! Are you stamping today? If not, I hope my little book project will inspire you to get out your sanding blocks and join me.

You're seeing the front cover of a mini-book project. To add interest, I used the Sanded C'Ordinations technique from the 4/10 TJ Newsletter on the die cut flowers. It's such a great way to add another dimension to an otherwise single color die cut! And it's fast and easy too!

This book has lots of little pages which hold tags. You can see some of the tags peeking out above the top edge of the book along with the many fibers that I added.

I hope you'll try Sanded C'Ordinations soon and thanks for stopping by today!