Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cuttlebug Smoosh and Crepe Paper Flowers

Hello Technique Friends!! Kathie McGuire here to share a card I made using the Cuttlebug Smoosh technique from 10/07. My apologies in advance not getting a better picture showing more of the technique (card has already been sent or I would re-take). I covered a lot of it up with the second layer. I thought perhaps the rest of the card may inspire you to go try the technique anyway! Hope so!

The Cuttlebug Smoosh layer started this whole project, so after I had that completed I decided to delve into trying to make a little flower from crepe paper. It's delicate, but ends up being a bit more sturdy than I originally expected. I squished this flower (unintentionally) several times before it actually was given away. Each time, I was able to straighten out the petals and restore its original shape.

I hope you've enjoyed today's card; make it a creative weekend! Thanks for stopping by.