Monday, February 15, 2021

Alice in Wonderland


I used all of the Alice in Wonderland stamps which can be purchased as a AIW Bundle  or you can purchase them individually:  Croquet AliceThe DuchessThe Dodo, or Alice in Wonderland.

Have you seen all of the new February stamps?  In addition, there are two Bundles in February to get the great discount of 20% when you get the bundle. The first Bundle is for ALL of the stamps - every single stamp for February!
Then perhaps you don't wish to have the Alice in Wonderland stamps in the bundle -- here is the Gotta Have It All bundle for you!
The third bundle is for the Alice in Wonderland Lovers! The AIW Bundle is for you!
Please remember the Bundles listed above. And when you use the code TJ10Judy you can get another 10% off your total order!

Have a wonderful marvelous February day, and please get inky!