Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Faux Encaustic Wax Technique

I know this photo looks a bit odd with the black all around it, but I had to do it so the image would show up as close to real life as possible. Without the black, you cannot see the embossed B/G or read the sentiment. OK enough of all that.

This is the most fun technique! I like it because there is such an element of surprise. You never quite know what i will look like until you remove the iron. Speaking about the iron. Many of you might hesitate to try this technique because you don't have a iron without holes. Just cover the iron with heavy duty foil, a few layers and you are all set to go. Before you start press the iron down on a towel to take all the wrinkles out of the foil.

For this card I  used my Cricut to cut out the flowers and stem. This was an experiment as I thought the melted crayon might crumble under the pressure. Thankfully I was wrong! The sentiment is from Jodey Posey. This card was great fun to make and a joy to my friend whom I sent it to.

Don't be afraid to give this a try. If I can help you in any way...just shoot me an email.

See you in two weeks!
Jackie K