Monday, May 26, 2014

Blasts from the Past

Hello there, it's Jackie K here with two cards from way back when. Both of these techniques are from February 2003!! Which just goes to show you how timeless these techniques are.
This first card is the Wonders of Web Spray technique. I have always loved web spray, it reminds me of Silly String that my grandchildren loved so much.
I have used a Technique Junkie Stamp trimmed down to size.
This next card is the Tapestry technique. I love this tried and true favorite. Isn't it amazing how long Technique Junkies has been  teaching us all these fabulous and versatile techniques?
I love the softness of the colors in this technique. You all know how fond I am of the Asian theme...well Pears come in a very close second! I have them all over my house!
I have used my tried and true Stampers Anonymous pear stamps for this card.
Well that's all from me for now. Have a look back and see what techniques  you can remember loving at one time. Have a go at them again. It's fun!
See you back here soon!