Saturday, April 28, 2018

Poppy Bouquet with an Emboss Resist Background

I love the time of year when flowers bloom and show all their unique and beautiful color. Janelle Stollfus here today to share a watercolored emboss resist using Color Burst and A Colorful Life stencil from Technique Junkies!

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This close up of the technique highlights masking the main image, today it's Poppy Bouquet, and ink directly over a stencil onto the watercolor paper.

Here is the list of supplies for the project:

  1. Set up a palette that has wells with Colorburst colors that are diluted with water. Violet, Lemon Yellow, Orange, Phthalo Green and Terre Vert were used.
  2. Stamp Poppy Bouquet with waterproof ink onto watercolor paper. Set aside.
  3. Stamp Poppy Bouquet onto sticky notes, as many to cover image, and trim out.
  4. Place sticky notes on the colored image and tape Dream Words Stencil over the masked image.
  5. Firmly press watermark or embossing ink pad directly on the stencil then pull stencil and mask away from paper.
  6. Heat emboss with white embossing powder. Tip: Use a dry watercolor brush to whisk away any powder that may have clung to the image.
  7. With a ruler and pencil draw a faint line on the upper and lower half of the paper parallel to the first embossed stencil to help align the stencil for two more embosses.
  8. The line spacing on Dream Words is enough to stencil in the space between each line. Position so it fits between the first embossed stencil. 
  9. Repeat taping the stencil, inking and embossing the bottom as well as the top half of the paper.
  10. Now it's time to paint over the embossed stencil. The example used Ultramarine Blue and Violet.
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So glad you stopped by! Happy crafting with your Technique Junkies goodies this weekend!