Saturday, December 4, 2010

Triple Play Lighthouse

Hi TJ friends! Kathie McGuire here on my usual first Saturday of the month with a TJ project to share. This card features the technique called "Triple Play" from the 2/2009 newsletter.

I LOVE this technique and have used it for so many projects! Know what I love most of all? It fits into a #10 business envelope. Who doesn't have a zillion of those around?

I hope you enjoy my lighthouse card using Triple Play. I got a little creative and turned the card 90 degrees, making it a vertical rather than a horizontal design.

Here's a little bonus for you: See the knot tied in the cord? I learned how to tie it at Animated Knots. It's a website devoted to knot tying, with great animations on "how-to". So get creative, and add a great knot on your next TJ card!!

Have a great Sunday!!