Saturday, June 9, 2018

Splashes of Pink and Balance

It is Saturday and time for a little balance from the week, let's get some crafting time in with a long-legged bird that looks phenomenal in pink! I'm talking about the new Flamingo stamp from the June release, click here to see all the new stamps.

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This card was quite simple to make and the dry times were the longest part of the process, but if you're in a hurry, you can use a heat tool, mini fan or your hair dryer to speed up the dry time.

  1. Make pink paint resist with a small drop of Fuschia Color Burst mixed in white craft paint. 
  2. Dab the paint through the Circle Make Circles stencil on the front of a white cardstock folded in half for a card base. This will be a resist for the next step
  3. Paint Turquoise Color Burst that is diluted with water in a loose side-to-side motion over the dry stenciled card base. Try to only do this in one pass across the paper otherwise it may seep under the pink paint resist and muddy the design. Set aside to dry.
  4. Stamp Flamingo and Balance on One Leg with black ink onto 4 by 5-1/4 inch white cardstock or watercolor paper.
  5. Dilute Fuschia Color Burst with water and color flamingo. Use diluted turquoise to paint water at the feet of the flamingo.
  6. Once dry, doodle a border with a black pen.
  7. Glue onto stenciled card base!
Thank you for stopping by today and have a great weekend!

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