Saturday, August 28, 2010

Leveled Up by Ann Clack

Ann Clack here!  As we speak I'm on my way home from a wonderful trip to California from a car convention. and cards.  That's me!!  My name on many sites is Stamps&cars to include both of my hobbies.  Which do I love the best?  Cards of course! But the cars ARE a close second!! This week I have used the Level Up technique in the current newsletter.  The image is so rich in its is from Twisted Papers.  One thing that is really nice about using a vintage digital image is that you can print it off in any size you wish.  Here I printed the image on the bottom a little larger than the one on top.  It is VERY hard to see but I really truly did level up on the image.  The corn husk and the cob are both cut out and mounted on foam tape.  The cob is two levels higher than the base and the husk is one level.   Hope you enjoy!!