Saturday, January 18, 2020

Fire, Baby, Fire!

Hi again! It's me, Carmen, the newbie, back with another January release project with tutorial! 

This has to be one of my favorite stamps ever. Insurance money notwithstanding… I will always find money to buy cupcakes; whether it’s the old beg, borrow, steal or embezzlement from the grocery budget, cupcakes will happen.

Wait… Somehow I’ve already completely lost track of this blog post and my purpose here entirely. But not to worry! I’ve gotten it back. For now. So, just hold on for the ride.

When I saw the stamp all I wanted to do was make the fire… Well… Look like a fire. So I dug down into my mixed media box (I guess it’s technically just a box full of garbage but it sounds classier the other way)  and found a matchbox. I painted it with gesso and covered it with graphic 45 paper. Then I stamped the image on the outside of the box.

Next, I cut the fire part out using scissor snips. I found a free clipart image of a cupcake that I liked and printed both the regular and reverse image on heavy card stock then glued the images together with rainbow crinkle in the middle.  I also use liquid pearls and bling. Since the matchbox was pretty flimsy, I also added heavy pieces of chipboard to reinforce the ends, top and back. It still didn't make the sides straight and even (that's just the nature of mixed media and art assemblage-you use what's at hand and embrace imperfection. And before you ask...No. I'm still trying to wrap my arms around it but finding that whole "not perfect" thing a little challenging. HAH!) but it'll be fine, pumpkin! I promise! 

I taped a very thin piece of Yupo transparent paper inside of the matchbox over the flame I had cut out. I used a small candle that I mounted on tape to give the illusion of a flickering flame. I also made sure it was easy to slide the matchbox open enough to switch the candle on and off as well as replace it when the battery dies. I’m very picky about things like that.

OK… OK. I’m completely OCD about things like that.

I hope you enjoy this project if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

And whatever you do don’t forget that if you use this code TJ10Carmen you can get 10% off any purchases at Technique Junkies, including this great stamp!

See you again soon and don’t forget… Eat those cupcakes!!!