Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vellum Floral and Greens

Happy Saturday from Kathie McGuire!! My project today features one of my favorite watercolor techniques, "Watercolor Resist". Although the technique is just a small element on this card, I believe it's the element that give my card just the right touch of color and flair!

So let's see if you can find the technique (where's Waldo?)! I'm sure it's easy to spot on the center leaf in the upper left corner of the card!

This project was fun because a friend and I challenged each other to create a card strictly from our scrap boxes. You know the box that holds all those little parts and pieces of images, technique backgrounds, and other card making items? Mine is overflowing!! The main "rule" was that the card had to be made up of ONLY things in the scrap box. The base cardstock was the only exception! Green is one of my least favorite colors so I thought this card was going to be a tough one for me. Ironically, it came together in an instant and when I came across the Watercolor Resist leaf, I knew I could pull it all together.

So now I challenge YOU to dig through all of your boxes and showcase some of those TJ techniques that are hiding there like buried treasure.

Thanks for looking at my card and I hope you've enjoyed the project!!

Kathie McGuire