Saturday, January 4, 2020

Technique Junkies New Release "I HATE LOSING"

I LOVE being on the Technique Junkies Design Team! I'm allowed complete artistic freedom with the stamps. Which is a good thing because I'm really NOT a good card maker. At ALL.

Nope. I'm not kidding. Brain doesn't work that way, Chicas.

But I CAN bring them to life in my own way. Take my LOL Girrrl up there. She's fabulous! She's also FREE. That's right...she's an old ad image and although many have taken her and put them into collage sheets and sell them, all of these images are free. So head to google images and have at it!

Believe it or not, I have a quite a demand for these. They're refrigerator magnets, as you can see by the...well, by the magnet.

I take a small tin can. An Altoid can, in this instance. Using matte Mod Podge, I cover it with paper. Then, I use pearls, rhinestones to hide the rough edges. But use trim or fabric or whatever! Touch up your image with Stickles, use some mounting tape, cut your sentiment to fit and put in the CAKE! Or wine bottle. Or whatever.

In this case, I used Technique Junkies New Release Sentiment "I Hate Losing"

FORTUNATELY FOR YOU PEOPLE, Technique Junkies is offering 15% off their New Releases until the 8th!! 

And YOU don't have to do anything!!! Just sit there and look pretty! And that 15% will drop right into your basket.

But the BEST part???

ME, of course!!!

That's right! Just type TJ10Carmen and you'll get an EXTRA 10% off that 15% purchase! AND, you can ALSO use my 10% off on your regular purchases as well!

So take advantage while you can!!!