Saturday, December 22, 2018

I Saw Three Ships

Finally, the weekend is here! It's Janelle today with a holiday theme card using an everyday stamp set! I had this beautiful thought while preparing for today's project, and I'll tell you about it but here's some information you'll want to know!

Yesterday, Pat shared a beautiful background idea using glitter tape, and she has a few rolls in supply on the Technique Junkies website! Check out her post for details!

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Have fun holiday shopping!

Now to my short story... After working together on a carpentry project and dinner together, our family was unwinding in the living room by singing Christmas carols while we each were glued to our electronic devices. What a sight, right? But it was a good memory as my oldest child was leading us through several songs. With all those carols popping up in my head as I began to create I came across this any occasion stamp set, and there I Saw Three Ships, another caroling song, as inspiration for my card!

Enjoy The Ride

I used Enjoy the Ride stamp set for the three sailing ships masking one to stamp for a farther distant ship in the center. Then it was all just layers of watercolors. I could have easily used chalks or markers for quicker coloring, but I liked the free flow of the watercolor style. Use Ken Oliver Color Bursts Brights Set in a palette tray, they are so vibrant used that way!

Do you spot that beautiful envelope flap? I found the Flower Trio stamp to be the perfect size for my square flap envelope! It's stamped in blue to match my card which I think makes the giving even more delightful! 

Flower Trio

I have other ideas for this stamp so stay tuned to my blog in the new year for more ideas! That's all from me today! 

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