Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Kitty Watching

Hello fellow stampers.  It's Beth Norman here with Kitty Watching, a cute stamp in my books.  I don't own any cats but I do love cat stamps.  Want a 10% discount on these, or any other product in our store?  Use code TJ10Beth. 


  1. Stamp Kitty Watching onto cardstock and stamp it out once again onto a sticky note to use as a mask.
  2. Mask Kitty Watching and add clouds.
  3. Colour Kitty Watching.
  4. Stamp out Wood using brown ink.  
  5. Cut Wood down to size and use a portion of the cut piece to place along the top so it resembles a fence.
  6. Stamp out just the sunflower from Sunflower Duo and colour.
  7. Add Flower Soft to the center of Sunflower Duo.
  8. Glue Sunflower to the center of your card.