Friday, September 22, 2017

TJ Inkspirations: Simply Framed Technique Featuring Nuvo Glitter Markers

 Today's tutorial brings back an old favorite from the Technique Junkie Newsletter: Simply Framed.  This is a one-layer (really, a no-layer) technique which is timeless (I published the original technique nearly 10 years ago!). 

To set off the images in the technique, I am using Nuvo Glitter Markers. While I was making the video for this, I got a little carried away with this video ended up being a little longer than I would like, but trust me, there are some very good tips in it!

Here are the stamps I used in the video:

Simply Framed Technique
Here are the finished cards for the technique. The first is the one from the video - far simpler than the second, but I did that so you didn't have to watch me color a thousand leaves:

Note the difference in the doodling around the frame. The first has a ton of doodling, making it more elaborate and whimsical; the second is more elegant with just a hint of doodling.

And here is the video:

Simply Framed Tutorial featuring Nuvo Glitter Markers

I hope you were a little Inkspired by today's video. See you next week!
Pat Huntoon