Saturday, July 20, 2019

Shimmering Waters and Dream Without Fear

Hello Saturday and thank you for stopping by the Technique Junkies post! This is Janelle today roping up a dreamy and lovely card!

This card came out crystal clear for me, it was just a matter of getting the ropes colored and trimmed within a frame. Once I put this card together, I realized I did it the long and arduous way, so I'm going to suggest something much more manageable!
Stamp and color the Ropes on white cardstock then create a mask for them before spraying Lapis Lazuli and Miami Vice Shimmering Bliss Spray randomly over the masked image for a simple watery effect. 
Stamp the Dream Without Fear sentiment and trim to the desired size for the card, then use it as a guide to where you'll want ropes to overlap. Make a small pencil mark where you'll want to start and stop the overlap as a guide. Use a craft knife or utility knife to trim along the rope between the pencil marks. This will be where the sentiment paper edge will be tucked underneath the rope. Glue sentiment into place. Glue onto a card front.
I spent a long time cutting around all the ropes with long breaks between for neck and shoulder stretches, so I highly recommend not doing that. I layered it over a thoroughly sprayed piece of white cardstock. It gives it dimension, although using a gray marker or pencil before masking and spraying would do the same effect.

Thank you for stopping by today and wishes for many crafty moments in your weekend!