Friday, May 5, 2017

TJ Inkspirations: Chameleon Color Tone Pencils

If you are like me, you have a plethora of coloring tools and mediums from markers to pastes to inks.  One of the reasons we have so many is our desire to have the best tool available for the job.

Today I am introducing you a new coloring tool (yes, I am an enabler). Chameleon Color Tone Colored Pencils are new to the art and paper crafting world, and I have to say, I am smitten. Each set contains 50 colors - 25 pencils that have perfectly matched colors on each end. They blend beautifully, and you can achieve multiple color tones depending on the amount of pressure you apply to the pencil.
Chameleon Color Tones Colored Pencils
The pencils come in a beautiful - and functional - box that folds open to allow you access to the pencils. They are numbered and indexed with a color/shading chart showing the variations that can be achieved with each pencil.

I added the pencils to the
website under the May releases, so you can get 15% off the pencils from now through May 8th. Just add them to your shopping cart; they will be discounted at checkout.

Ready to see them in action? I colored a nature scene first, then show you how pretty and appropriate they are on skin tones - both Caucasian and Ethnic alike.
Beautiful Birds

Since spring is finally here, I thought a little nod to the Robins and Lilacs I am seeing would be appropriate.First, I stamped the Watercolor Birds image in black StazOn ink on white cardstock, then started coloring...:
Each of the pencils are numbered, and are also labeled with the numbers 01 and 02.  I started with pencil 20, side 02 to colored my the first leaves. After, I went back over the leaves with 20-01, blending as I colored.

I continued coloring the leaves until I had the first layer of color on them, then moved onto the robins.
Robins are a mixture of reds/oranges in the breast and greys/brown on their wings, tails and bodies (yes, I googled Robin images to double-check my color choices before I started). I used the color tones on each pencil for perfect blending to layer the colors.Notice that I kept track of which pencil I used on a separate piece of paper in case I needed to pull one out again,
Finally, I went back over the piece, adding highlight and shadow colors where appropriate.


Skin Tone Coloring

One of the things I am really impressed by with the pencils is the ability to color skin tones beautifully,  To color the Don't Lose Faith piece above, I used one pencil to color the skin tone:
 First I used the #6 pencil, on the 02 side (light coral) add the darker tones to the hands.

The second color for the skin tone was added using #6, 01 (soft shell) to blend and add the remaining color to the skin

Chameleon Color Tone Pencilsare also great on ethnic skin tones,also, as you can see from Chris Dayton's work with the Big Dreams stamp:

This is how Chris' piece turned out - she's fabulous, isn't she?

You can read Chris' entire blog post using the pencils HERE. Welcome to the team, Chris!

Thanks for joining us today!
Pat Huntoon