Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ann's lesson

Ann Clack here with a lesson for all of you!  I USED to have a ton of fun making backgrounds from the newsletter and just throwing them into the background 'box' where I could use them later.  Well....I USED to never make any notations on the piece to tell me what technique it was.  Well......I don't do that anymore BUT the two cards below were just asking to use a couple of background pieces that I had made in my "never mark it" era.  So........the first with the Halloween girl is made with Black glossy paper and Luminarts paints.  The second with the Pumpkin man is quite dark orange and you only get a hint of the metallic when you move the card.  I photographed it at an angle so you could see some of that metallic.    It could be dabbed shimmers.

So.......I hope you have all learned your lesson and mark your pieces!!  HA!