Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Wolf by Moonlight

Hello fellow Junkies.  I hope you're enjoying the fall-like weather we are having.  A nice break from the heat.

I am in love with Wolf by Moonlight and see so many possibilities for it.  You can receive 10% off this stamp, or any other product, simply by using my code TJ10Beth.

I sprayed a lot of backgrounds with Shimmering Bliss and there was a puddle of Shimmering Bliss on my plastic so I rubbed my white cardstock into the pools of Shimmering Bliss.  I love the results, don't you?

Next, I tore along the top and bottom and matted with black and tore that cardstock too.  Last, I sewed buttons on the card just for added interest.  I fell in love with these buttons when I was looking at cards on Pinterest.  It was one of the advertisements.  I couldn't believe that they got to me within a week and are so gorgeous in real life.

Have a nice week.