Friday, March 4, 2016

Easy Inking with the MISTI

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Dear Patricia, 
This month's release brought so many fun stamps! One of my favorites is the stamp I am working with today, called Bring Your Own Sunshine.  Today we have a quick inking method showing how to place different colors of ink on different parts of a stamp using theMISTI

I am also excited to introduce you to Holster Brands -- two new organizational tools to help keep your workspace neat.

Easy Multi-colored Inking
This is the easiest way ever to stamp several colors on one stamp.
 All you need is a MISTI, several colors of ink, cardstock and a stamp. Position the stamp where you would like to place it on the outside of the MISTI, then move the stamp to the inside cover, using the grid as a guide.
Mask the bottom part of the stamp. Ink the top part (the umbrella), then remove the mask. 
Close the hinge to stamp the image.
Repeat masking and inking in the center area, removing the scrap paper and stamping; thenrepeat again with the bottom portion of the stamp (the boots) to complete the image.
Put on your Holster!
  Now for one more new group of things...the Heat Tool (Hot Iron) Holster. I love these products. The are made of heavy duty silicone, and are designed to hang off of your work surface. The one above is perfect for your heat tool:
These are great for keeping your heat tool off your table and at your fingertips. A confession: I am always afraid that I might slip and leave my heat tool on when I am away from my studio desk; having my heat tool tucked into it's holster makes me feel better.

Note that the product is actually called a Hot Iron Holster - the company is rebranding the silicone to some other name eventually, but I didn't want to wait six more months to offer it! ...and yes, they are great for holding your hot iron also.

These retail for $19.95  and I a limited supply available in 3 colors: Purple, Black and Hot Pink.

I have one more Holster item available...the Hobby Holster. This is a smaller version, and holds smaller items.
I like to use mine for scissor, pens, pencils, adhesive and paintbrushes - things I like to have at my fingertips.  I also found out that you can put water into the top (or bottom) pocket and hold your paintbrushes in the water without the water migrating to the other pocket (they are water tight):

The Hobby Holster retails for $19.95 and I have them in blue. I have only a few of these in stock, but will take orders when I run out.
Holster up!
I hope you are a little inkspired by today's issue. See you next week!

Pat Huntoon
Technique Junkies LLC