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Dear Pat, 
I have been offering the Daisy Tag Make and Take for the last 15 Rubber Stamp Conventions that I have exhibited at, and it is VERY popular. I am repeatedly asked for the directions for the tutorial, too. I am pleased to have finally finished them for this email. I have gone into considerable detail; I hope this is helpful to those of you who have done the make and take, and to those who have not had the chance, but like the look.

The Tag features the Palettini Vintage Daisy Collage  Stamp colored with Art Anthology Sorbet Dimensional Gel Mediums and Art Anthology Colorations Sprays in the background. The word is the AA Soliloquy Stencil, used with Lava Stone Effects Paint.

Vintage Daisy Collage


The Daisy Tag Make and Take 

Daisy Make and Take

The MISTI was used to add the image to the tag to ensure perfect placement. The Daisy Collage stamp was placed in the center of the MISTI and inked; I stamped the image on the grid paper to create a guide for when the image will be on the final piece.

The tag is then placed over the image stamped on the grid paper, with the two magnets holding the tag down above the stamped area. Note that there are three sides of the image showing beyond the edges of the tag; this is to ensure that the tag is covered with image. Ink the stamp and close the MISTI hinge to stamp the image.

Since the tags being used are 6" in height, and the stamp is only 5.25" high, there is an unstamped area at the top of the tag. To stamp this area, turn the tag around and place the tag at the top of the image, aligning the top edge of the image on the grid paper with the line on the tag where the image starts. Ink the top of the stamp and close the hinge to stamp the image.  Note that there may be a line (or a gap) where the stamp images overlap; it is fine - there is so much color on the finished piece, it will not be noticeable when completed.

Start painting the tag by using a small paintbrush. Paint Vegas Gold Sorbet Paint onto the Daisy Petals and the body of the bee. There are plenty of petals at the top, bottom and sides of this piece that need to be painted with the Gold Color.

Use Pumpkin Spice Sorbet to add shading ro the center of each petal. Kenyon Copper Sorbet should be painted rather thickly in the center of the three main flowers -- the idea is to create a plush flower center. The paint dried with dimension and gloss, so everywhere the paint is added thickly will result in a dimensional effect.
Use a clear coat on the bee wings. Clear Coats will "seal" in whatever color is under them; here we are using it to make the bee wings look translucent. I am using Dazzle in this example; the finished piece will have bee wings that are manila colored, with a hit of gold glitter.

The paint dries very fast, but a heat tool may be used to dry the paints if they still feel tacky to the touch.
To add color to the background, I used several colors of Colorations sprays. When you spray, use the cans VERY close to the paper, and use a sweeping motion to avoid droplets. For bet results, try spraying as if you are sweeping PAM into a pan, rather than spritz-spritz-spriting. I started with Timeless Colorations, spraying it across the middle of the tag.

I continued spraying, adding Grass Colorations below the Timeless, Waimea Bay above it, and finally, Ink Spot at the very top and bottom of the tag.

When all the color was added, a paper towel was placed over the sprayed images to remove the excess color from the painted areas. 

The entire tag was then colored with Gilded Gold Fairy Dust Spray. The Fairy Dust Sprays have a fine mist of subtle shimmer that allows the colors underneath to keep their vibrancy.

Finally, the Lava Stone Effects Paint was stippled through the Soliloquy Stencil to add a sentiment; this paint may also be dried with a heat tool.

Additional Examples:
All of these use the same colors on the flowers, with different Coloration Sprays in the background:

These were created using Coral/Just Peachy and Mi Bella Paints for the flowers:

And Finally, Baby Blue Eyes and Honolulu Blue were used on the flowers in these examples:

I hope you are a little inkspired by today's issue. See you next week!


Pat Huntoon
Technique Junkies LLC 

Technique Junkies LLC, PO Box 16547, Stamford, CT 06905

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