Saturday, November 20, 2010

Name Frame with Pearl Ex/Future Floor Wax


Happy Saturday TJ'ers!! It's Kathie McGuire here with one of my favorite gift projects. They're called Name Frames...I've made dozens of them over the years. (I always get this question, so I'll answer it here: Frame is from WalMart -- they are 3.00. Not in the area where picture frames are--always on an independent stand somewhere near the furniture area or photo area. As a note, they have a mat--and glass--which I removed. The mat is designed to hold two 3 X 5 or 4 X 6 photos. I simply removed it for this project). You can see many more Name Frames HERE.

I made this one for my leaf-loving friend, Judy. I used a technique from 6/03 called Pearl Ex/Future Floor Wax on the small punched leaves (see them in and around the corners of each letter of her name). It gave the perfect amount of color and shine to them!! My friend preferred her project without the glass, so I simply left it off when I put the project together.

As a note, there is no tutorial necessary for this project. The base cardstock is cut to 5 1/2" X 12". From there, create a project much like you'd make a scrapbook page. When complete, place it in the frame. That's how simple and easy -- and very economical -- this gift project is!! And you can place the glass back in its place, or not!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing the Name Frame project and thanks for stopping by!



Unknown said...

Great project.....I'm hoping to make some fun wall hangings for our new place in AZ

Michele said...

what a great project! this is beautiful. xo

Michele said...

what a great project! this is beautiful. xo

Beverly G said...

This is a beauty, thanks for sharing an easy, great gift for a friend or family.

1CardCreator said...

Love the rustic look of this! ~Diane

wwilloww said...

Hi Kathie, I just saw this and think it would make a great Christmas or birthday gift!!! Thanks for sharing it!!!